Welcome to my website and blog!

This is where you will find my blog posts, which will consist mainly of articles that I’ve written as examples of what I can do as a writer.


Steam Powered Giraffe: The Musical Singing Automatons!

Not many people have heard of Steam Powered Giraffe. They are a trio of musical automatons, created by Peter Walter I. Originally, they were battle bots, sent to Africa to fight against copper elephants created by Thadeus Becile. Walter and Becile had been competing over a woman, named Delilah Morreo, who they had fallen for. …


Hello, reader, and welcome to my blog. 🙂 This is where you will read things that I’ve written, such as articles. You may also encounter posts (rarely) in which I express opinions or concerns about specific topics that are relevant to me. Most of the articles here will be related to music as the main …

About Me

I am a copy editor/proofreader and writer.

I currently reside in northwest Arkansas with my husband and our two cats.



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