Steam Powered Giraffe: The Musical Singing Automatons!

From left to right: The Spine, Zero, and Rabbit.

Not many people have heard of Steam Powered Giraffe. They are a trio of musical automatons, created by Peter Walter I. Originally, they were battle bots, sent to Africa to fight against copper elephants created by Thadeus Becile. Walter and Becile had been competing over a woman, named Delilah Morreo, who they had fallen for. Over the years, the competition had gone from friendly to downright malicious.

After the Becile war, the bots were enlisted to fight for the US in World War I and II, as well as Vietnam. After they downloaded a vow of non-violence, Peter Walter V had them begin performing at Balboa Park in San Diego. Currently, Peter Walter VI is in charge of the automatons and the Walter Manor. The automatons of Steam Powered Giraffe include The Spine, Rabbit, and Zero. In the past, other automatons, including The Jon and Hatchworth, were in the band, but left over the years for various reasons.

Stretching above the heads of most people, The Spine is an automaton with a very distinct look and style. He was built with a titanium-alloy spine, which includes a set of metallic dorsal “fins” protruding from it, and he wears tailored black pants, a black vest, and a red tie, which is topped off perfectly with a fedora.

A malfunctioning mess of crazy gears, adorable wires, and surrealistic copper, Rabbit is an automaton that is sure to confuse and amuse anyone that notices her. After the war against Becile, Peter Walter I had meant to finish building her, but never got around to doing it. The original blueprints had been lost over the years until Peter Walter VI came across them sometime in 2013 in an effort to repair some of her major malfunctions. Upon discovering the blueprints and then consulting with Rabbit about it, steps were taken to finish building her properly.

Cobbled together in a hurry during the Becile war and equipped with a booming voice, Zero is an automaton that is eager, friendly, lonely, and child-like. He was called Prototype 0 when he was first built, because he was made up of three incomplete automatons. However, after the war, he was abandoned in the Walter Manor and forgotten until Beebop, an automaton that keeps tabs on and does regular maintenance of the group and the manor, came across him in the 1990’s. After a series of failures that led him away from and back to the manor, Zero was enlisted as a new member of the group after the departure of Hatchworth.

Currently, they are preparing for an appearance on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of July during Anime Midwest in Rosemont, Illinois, and will be in San Diego, California, performing in concert with former human member, Michael Reed on the 20th of July. That will be followed up by a trip to Lincoln in England on the 27th of August.

You can visit Steam Powered Giraffe at their website by clicking their logo above.

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