06 December 2015 02:28

Welcome to the blog

Welcome to my newest blog. If the past is any indication, this will be a rather inactive one, so it shouldn't require much effort to keep up with. However, and I say this every time I start a blog, I do plan to update this one from time to time.

As the title suggests, this blog will be things I want to make note of, though not exclusively. Because this is a personal blog, it will probably cover a range of topics that interest me enough to write about. I know that isn't what is recommended for a successful blog, but I'm not trying to have a successful blog; I just want a space where I can write on occasion.

What will I write about? As mentioned above, mainly things that interest me. Those include (but are not limited to) computers, science fiction, science, and languages.

Finally, you may have noticed the lack of any commenting system. The main reason is because the blogging software I use doesn't have a commenting system (there are third party options, but they require Javascript, which I don't want to deal with). I don't expect this to be a problem because I don't expect to have many (if any) readers. If you would like to comment about a post, you can find my e-mail address in the "contact" section of the sidebar on the left side of the main blog page.

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